Transforming Dentistry

Through cutting-edge AI we are improving diagnosis, prevention and treatment of oral diseases 

Introducing Computational Dentistry 

We use Artificial Intelligence to provide an accurate diagnosis and create treatment proposals using dental radiographs and oral photos. Using deep learning we identify commonly occurring diseases and include dental anatomy, disease progression and patient information to create patient specific treatment plan proposals. 

Accurate Diagnosis 

We use AI to identify commonly occurring diseases and help the dentist reduce misdiagnoses.

Longitudinal Data Analysis

We compare patient data over time to see progress and identify developing areas of concern. 

Objective Treatment Planning

We use disease progress and patient history to create objective treatment plan proposals

Our Leadership Team 

We are a team of dentists, scientists and engineers building the future of dentistry.

Alex Jelicich, DMD

Alex graduated from MIT with an SB in biology. After MIT, Alex attended the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and graduated with his DMD degree. Alex has first-hand experience with current digital dental technology through delivering dental care at community health centers and private offices around Boston.

Wardah Inam, PhD

Wardah has a PhD in EECS from MIT. Previously she led product development at Q bio, a VC backed startup. She has led the development of AI-driven products at uLink and has also worked at GE and Apple. Her work has received widespread recognition and has been covered by media outlets, including National Geographic and Engadget.

Deepak Ramaswamy, PhD

Deepak has a PhD from MIT and an MBA from Cornell. He has held Technical leadership roles at Altra Broadband (acquired by Ansoft, NASDAQ:ANST), Ansoft (acquired by ANSYS, NASDAQ:ANSS),and Q bio. He has also served as a Director at ANSYS, Principal Software Engineer at Mathworks and Software Development Manager at Amazon. 


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